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Heat pump water heaters (HPWH) can be two to three times more energy efficient than conventional electric resistance water heaters.

HPWH use electricity to move heat from one place to another instead of generating heat directly. To move the heat, heat pumps work like a refrigerator in reverse.

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Heat Pump Water Heaters Don't Just Heat Water, They Also Dehumidify The Spaces They Occupy!

We carry stand-alone heat pump water heating systems from Rheem. All of the models we carry are integrated units with a built-in water storage tank and back-up resistance heating elements.

Heat pump water heaters should be installed in locations that remain in the 40°-90°F range year-round and provide at least 1,000 cubic feet of air space around the water heater. Cool exhaust air can be exhausted to the room or outdoors.

A great choice is to install them in spaces with excess heat, such as a furnace rooms. HPWH tend to cool the spaces they are in so you can benefit from free air conditioning in the summer as you are heating water.

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Save Money, Splurge On Performance

Save Money, Splurge On Performance

While a refrigerator pulls heat from inside a box and dumps it into the surrounding room, a stand-alone air source water heater pulls heat from the surrounding air and dumps it - at a higher temperature - into a tank to heat water.

Rheem Heat Pump Water Heater

over TWICE the efficiency of standard electric water heaters. Its narrow 21" diameter fits through access doors, unlike some hybrid products. It has the same connections as a standard electric water heater, making installation fast and easy. The user-friendly LED control panel is protected behind a small door conveniently located at eye level. This touch pad allows homeowners to select the water temperature range as well as choose the efficiency setting based on hot water demand.


  • High 2.0 Energy Factor

  • 50 Gallon capacity

  • Touch-pad controls

  • 3 Operation modes

  • Energy Saver (heat pump)

  • Normal (heat pump with element backup)

  • Electric Heat Only

  • 2-1/2" Non-CFC foam insulation

  • Superior comfort

  • Premium resistored anode rod protection

  • Exclusive Rheemglas tank lining

  • Factory installed T&P valve

  • Stainless steel resistor elements

  • Heat pump operating range 40d F to 120d 

  • Built in freeze/overheat protection

  • Easy access, top mounted washable air filter

Texas Water Heaters
Texas Water Heaters
Texas Water Heaters


Model ID -28529
Model Name - HP50RH
Gallon Capacity - 50
First Hour Rating (Energy Saver / Normal)- 67/72
Energy Factor - 2.0
Voltage Max. Amps - 240 - 1 22
H x Dia.Weight - 75.5x21200


  • Limited 10 year Tank and Parts Warranty